Golf vs Bowling vs Bridge

...Ok I was just lying about Bridge. I have determined Golf is the worst game in the world (except for every other one).   I completely tortured my Captains Choice Tournament team this past Friday.  My usually miserable game went completely AWOL. .  Might need to buy a trainer.  Will definitely need more golf balls.  New clubs might be the answer?

 I got to vs bowling:


Takes special shoes with spikes!

Can drink Adult Recreational Beverages and drive cart.


You will never master it

Get to drive on the best lawns in town.

Need lots of practice to be even decent.

If you lose golf balls they sell them in the proshop.

Hard but not impossible to play in the snow.


If you knock down the pins there is a machine to set them up again.

Air conditioning keeps the Adult Recreational Beverage from getting warm.

Food is close by.

Score is automatic and posted for ALL to see.

Birds won't swoop in and take our fries  (fellow bowlers might, though).

Weather independent.

Quicker than golf.

Almost impossible to lose the ball.  No water hazards or sand bunkers.

Stretch pants (and that is all I am going to say about that!)

No spikes on the shoes.


Golf wins of course.  Tune in next week for Golf vs Target Shooting. 



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